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Arty Fonts

12th February 2000 I have been informed that the font WaxTrax violates copyright and so have removed the font permanently.

5th August 1999 I arrived back from holiday today to find a nasty letter from Linotype waiting. It seems that they believe that the font Ambient is not an original font but in fact a copy of one of their fonts called Insignia. I am unable to comment other than the font's author does not agree, but I am only 22 and I have no money for a legal battle. As such the font has been pulled from this site. I will no longer be making CD-ROMS of this site available. I have no idea what will happen and I may end up taking the site down all together.

6th April 1998 Unfortunately 3 Island Press have given up on the shareware concept as of 1st January this year. As such I am no longer able to provide Marydale or TreeFrog for download. Sorry.

Click the name of the font to download


Font NamePreviewAuthorFeePostscriptTruetype
AbaddonRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
AdoniasEdward LeachShareware $10NoYes
Alien LanguageDr. Michael S. ElliottPostcardwareNoYes
American UncialDavidWorksShareware $3NoYes
AndesiteJames M. HarrisShareware $25NoYes
AndromedaPeter S. BryantShareware $10NoYes
AneirinRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
AngelicDigital Type FoundryFreewareYesYes
Ann-StoneJeff NicholsFreewareNoYes
ApolloDavid WorksShareware $3YesNo
ArgosSam WangShareware $5YesYes
AriostoRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
AshleyPeter JensenShareware $10NoYes
AstradyneFeorag NicBhridePostcardwareYesYes
AtmosphereJay VidheecharoenFreewareYesYes
A.D. MonoMatt DentonTear-wareYesYes
ArcticSam WangShareware $10NoYes
BajoranWonko @ Kiwi MediaShareware $5YesYes
BambergDigital Type FoundryFreewareYesYes
Barnbrook GothicGeoff HeiniricksShareware $20YesYes
Bell BottomLorvadShareware $10NoYes
BizzaroD. RakowskiFreewareNoYes
Black HawkJohn SingerShareware $10YesYes
Bleak Future HandJeni PleskowShareware $5NoYes
BlockLineChris MacGregorRushwareNoYes
Blueprint BoldDavid RoodShareware $5YesYes
BogatyrRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
BorzoiPhilip NoguchiFreewareNoYes
BoxcarsBenn CoifmanShareware $10NoYes
BrugesRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
Brush StrokeKevin WillisFreewareYesYes
BuccaneerRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
Butner BoldJim PearsonShareware $5YesYes


Font NamePreviewAuthorFeePostscriptTruetype
Caroles ChunkGenie-D.OBryanFreewareYesYes
CartWrightLORVADShareware $10NoYes
CavemanJim Morton and Pop VoidFreewareYesYes
CelticSam WangShareware $5NoYes
Chinese MenuUnknownFreewareNoYes
ColumbaRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
Combi NumeralsSean CavanaughFreewareYesYes
Comics CartoonPat SnyderShareware $14YesYes
CourthandRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
CreedmoreJim PearsonShareware $5YesYes
CrivarRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
CrosswordBenn CoifmanShareware $10NoYes
CueCardDavid BernerShareware $5NoYes
Davy's RibbonsNatasha Fatale of Rocky & BullwinkleShareware $7.49YesYes
DelilahPatricia LillieShareware $8YesYes
DevotionEric Oehler @ Kiwi MediaShareware $5YesYes
DinerDavid RakowskiShareware $9.50NoYes
DistressDave GreenawaltShareware $10NoYes
DrippyDave GreenawaltShareware $10NoYes
DTF Volume 3James H. BanneFreewareYesYes
Durrow (Caps Only)Ragnarok's scriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
Eileen CapsDavid RakowskiShareware $7.50NoYes
EnyaMike ZillionPostcardwareNoYes
EraserdustDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
ErasureEric Oehler @ Kiwi MediaShareware $5YesYes
ErodeDave GreenawaltShareware $10NoYes
EviscerateJosh FeldmanShareware $5YesYes
FabliauxRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
Fatso CapsSam WangFreewareNoYes
FinestraRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
FlintsonePeter S. BryantShareware $15NoYes
FlorimelRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
FranconianRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
FranksEdward LeachShareware $10YesYes
FunkyFreshScott YoshinagaShareware $10YesYes
FutharkRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes


Font NamePreviewAuthorFeePostscriptTruetype
GadzooxMary Robinson & Chuck CrewsFreewareYesYes
Gilligans IslandMark RiddleShareware $5/$10NoYes
GismondaSam WangSharewareYesYes
GolgothaRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
GraviconTom C. LaiShareware $15YesYes
GroeningCowan Design AssociatesFreewareNoYes
Grunge UpdateDan Schwartz/Scott K. YoshinagaShareware $10YesYes
HarbingerRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
HartingDavid RakowskiAreaCodeWareYesYes
Hathorjeni pleskowShareware $5NoYes
HermesMatt DentonShareware $5YesYes
HeadhunterDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
HiroshJonathan SmithShareware $5NoYes
HoltzscueDavid RakowskiFreewareYesYes
IndustrialJason S Vance & Ad Vance GraphicsShareware $15YesYes
InkabodLorvadShareware $10YesYes
InkwellSam WangShareware $10NoYes
Japanese Font Pack 2.0Mike McGeeShareware $10YesYes
Jason's Font PackJason MarkShareware $15 each fontNoYes
JaysetchChris MacGregorShareware $5NoYes
Jeff NicholsDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
JerkLarry JarvisFreewareNoYes
JudasLORVADShareware $10NoYes
JongeleurRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
JugendRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
KashmirBrian DaviesFreewareYesYes
KathasaRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
KelmscottRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
Kensington TestBruce ShankerFreewareNoYes
KlinzhaiLawrence M. SchoenShareware $5YesYes
Knockout InitialsRick W. MuellerShareware $5YesYes
Lake KegonsaOreoFreewareYesYes
Laser LondonBill WareShareware $10YesYes
LauraMcCraryJim PearsonShareware $5NoYes
LEDPeter S. BryantShareware $10YesYes
Lefty CasualTed AlspachShareware $10YesYes
LegrandRick W. MuellerShareware $5YesYes
LemieszDavid RakowskiPostcardwareNoYes
LeneArlArlene ArreolaPostcardwareNoYes
LindisfarneRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
LintsecDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
LoggerDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
LoopDeLoopLORVADShareware $10NoYes


Font NamePreviewAuthorFeePostscriptTruetype
Mac Key CapsChris SansomShareware 10YesYes
Machine ScriptMike AllardShareware $5YesYes
MaginotRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
MalabarMATCH SOFTWAREShareware $10YesYes
MamaRick W. MuellerShareware $5YesYes
MappityDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
Marker Felt ThinPat SnyderShareware $10YesYes
Marker Felt WidePat SnyderShareware $11YesYes
Marker FinePat SnyderShareware $12YesYes
MetropolitanMatch SoftwareShareware $10YesYes
Morris InitialsRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
MotleyRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5NoYes
MultiformHe is David
Rakowski..and you
are not!
Needle Point SewPat SnyderShareware $9YesYes
NixonInChinaDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
Ocean ViewRick W. MuellerShareware $5YesYes
OgilvieEric Oehler @ Kiwi MediaShareware $5YesYes
Ol'54Jonathan SmithShareware $4NoYes
Oregon WetPat SnyderShareware $15YesYes
Orient OneChris MacGregorPostcardwareNoYes
Pars ZibaTooraj EnayatiFreewareYesYes
PipelineJohn AndersonShareware $5YesYes
PlasticJason ParsonsFreewareNoYes
PointageDavid RakowskiShareware $3.03YesYes
Poptics OnePatricia LillieShareware $5YesYes
Poptics TwoPatricia LillieShareware $5YesYes
PotsdamRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
PrismaWest Paces PublishingShareware $9.95YesYes


Font NamePreviewAuthorFeePostscriptTruetype
QuadrataRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
Rak Student FontsDavid RakowskiShareware $2.99 per fontNoYes
RavennaRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
Red LetterRobert SchenkFreewareYesYes
Relief DecoDavid RakowskiShareware $2.99YesYes
RickshawPeter S. BryantShareware $10YesYes
Rog's HandRoger L. PylesPostcardwareYesYes
RomulusComputer SafariShareware $39.95 ???NoYes
Rood CapsDavid RoodShareware $1NoYes
RoundersJim PearsonShareware $5NoYes
Rounders UltraJim PearsonShareware $5NoYes
RosseauRagnarok ScriptoriumShareware $5YesYes
Safari DemoComputer SafariShareware $39.95 ???NoYes
Saint FrancisHank GilletteFreewareNoYes
SaloonStacey GibsonFreewareNoYes
Saloon ExtRobert SchenkFreewareYesYes
SamsonPatricia LillieShareware $8YesYes
Sarah CapsSam WangShareware $10NoYes
Shark ToothPeter S. BryantShareware $10NoYes
Shohl-FoldDavid RakowkiFreewareNoYes
ShrapenelDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
SillyconValleyJim RatliffPrimal ScreamwareNoYes
SinaiticusA. K. M. AdamShareware $5YesYes
Sin GothicEric Oehler @ Kiwi MediaShareware $5YesYes
Snyder SpeedPat SnyderShareware $15YesYes
Stars of DavidBruce ShankerShareware $15NoYes
Stars and StripesPat SnyderShareware $9YesYes
Steve HandSteve JORDIEmailwareYesYes
StrikeoutJohn SingerShareware $5YesYes
StylFeorag NicBhridePostcardwareYesYes
Styl RoundFeorag NicBhridePostcardwareYesYes
Swift GenereuxAdamShareware $10NoYes
Tengwar GandalfMichael S. ElliottPostcardwareYesYes
Thread FunChris MacGregorShareware $4YesYes
TombstoneAaron BeckShareware $10YesNo
Toms Fonts 2TomShareware 10NoYes
Tone and DebsDavid RakowskiShareware $3YesYes
TownsendSidney BowhillShareware $5YesYes


Font NamePreviewAuthorFeePostscriptTruetype
UltraworldWonko @ Kiwi MediaFreewareYesYes
UrsabatsJim PearsonShareware $5YesYes
VespasianFeorag NicBhridePostcardwareYesYes
Viet Tang fontsThich Quang DueJust Smile!NoYes
WedgieDavid RakowskiFreewareYesYes
Western SlantDavid WorksShareware $3YesYes
Wet PaintJonathan SmithShareware $5NoYes
Will HarrisDavid RakowskiFreewareNoYes
WiltonianJim PearsonShareware $5YesYes
Winter ParkJohn SingerFreewareYesYes
X fontScooterFreewareYesYes
ZacharyEdward A. LeachShareware $10YesYes
ZedRichard JonesFreewareYesYes