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Mac Made

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use your fonts under Microsoft Windows?
  • How do I pay for a font?
  • How can I help the Mac Font Vault?

    Question: Can I use your fonts under Microsoft Windows?

    Answer: This depends on your intelligence. I have had so many stupid people email me asking how to install .hqx files under windows. This site is called the Mac Font Vault for a reason. These fonts are desiged to work on a Mac. That being said Truetype and Postscript are standards that exist under MacOS Windows and Unix. There are utilities to convert between these platforms. The only software I know of is Mac based, like TT Convertor which is Shareware and can convert between Mac and Windows Truetype fonts. Personally My favourite is an ancient commercial piece of software called MetaMorphosis Pro 2.0 from Altsys. God knows if you can buy it anymore, but thank god it still runs under MacOS 9.0 and it can convert between all three formats on all three platforms. If anybody else wants to send any information on this i'll gladly put it up here. Please Note that you may violate the copyright on a typeface by converting it between platforms, I am not responsible if you do this.

    Question: How do I pay for a font?

    Answer: The first thing to note is that you do not pay me! Much as I would love to take credit for the works of art on my site i have not created a single one of them! For freeware fonts you need not pay a penny. Shareware fonts usually require that you send the author a check or pay on line using kagi. Then there are some insane authors who request you send them shoes or postcards or bottlecaps, still you should do as they request, after all they worked hard to make the font you're using.

    Question: How can I help the Mac Font Vault.?

    Answer: Thankyou very much for asking. The easiest thing you can do is visit my sponsor, or buy a book from Amazon.com by following the links from the books section of my website. I don't see money from this but the credit builds up at Amazon and every now and then you guys have treated me to a DVD, thanks! Alternatively you can send hardware to go in the box this site runs on. This site is running on an Apple Network Server with only 64M of memory! It has 8 (mostly empty) slots and takes the same sort of 168pin DIMMS as go in a PowerMac 8500 or 8600, it does note unfortunately take the cheaper PC100 DIMMS. So if you wanted to send me some memory or any kind of SCSI hard disk it would be most appreciated, and would probably speed up access to your favourite site. Send your hardware, money and other praise to:

    Erik Carlson
    c/o Mailbox Internet Ltd
    163 New Kings Road
    (Entrance In Chipstead St)
    SW6 4SN

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